Running swget:

java -jar swget.jar

<URI> [-b] [-t] [-stream] [-recon] [-noM] [-dir <file>] [-f <file>]

 [-p <NautiLODexpr>]



enables the  verbose mode.


number of threads.


output the results on the screen as soon as they are available.


build the graph according to the successful semantics.


don’t use caching of models for already dereferenced URI.

-dir <directory>:

the name of the directory where the output file and the log file will be written.

-f <file>:

the name of the file where the output will be written.

-p <NautiLODexpr>:

NautiLOD expression.

Option values:

<directory>, <file>





‘|’ <NautiLODExpr> | ɛ






‘*’ | ‘+’ | ‘?’ | ‘<‘ <REPETITION> ‘>‘ | ɛ




‘(‘ <NautiLODExpr> ‘)’ | <URI> | <ACTION>


‘[‘ <ASK-SPARQL> ‘]‘ | ɛ


‘ACT[‘ <ACTION (e.g., TEST::COMMAND)> ‘]‘ | ɛ

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